Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 2: Ohio, PA, New York.

Day 2 - Wake up, swim, continental breakfast, load up the car (how in the hell do we have so much stuff?!) back on the road.  Ki is wondering why we aren't in "Mont" yet...

Pit stop - kettel corn makes everything better...

Another stop in Erie, PA - first at a playground...

And then a quick photo op on Lake Erie (where I again park illegally)

This day was pretty typical of all of our days - lots of laughing, silly songs, and fun; and also lots of whining, stupid fights, and a bit of yelling.  Ah well, all goes with the territory of little ones...  FINALLY - we make it to Syracuse, NY to our next stop.  We have a fantastic room - and it even overlooks the indoor pool!!

More swimming (and I even get to quickly enjoy the hot tub while I made the kids sit on the edge as they begged to come in - "sorry babes! sign says 17 and over..."!).  Then another hotel picnic, this time finishing up our hummus and pitas, and having some much needed veggies.

Then I decide we need some more fresh air, so we take off to find Onondaga Lake.  Thank you to my iPhone and google maps, we some how stumble upon the gorgeous lake, and the best playground EVER. At Liverpool, NY...

We spent an hour or so playing here before heading back to the hotel.

Went back to the hotel and enjoyed one of my favorite movies from my youth "8 Seconds" (which got me made fun of on facebook by my boyfriend and a college friend. boys just don't understand the attraction of "Dylan" riding horses...).

The boys and I cuddled on the comfy, king-sized bed - and we went to bed happy - me asleep between their warm, wiggly bodies.  Day 2 = success.

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