Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The cast of characters...

Me: Shannon, 32, divorced, mama, happy.  I love all things outdoors, although I'm also allergic to most things outdoors (especially stinging insects - hence the epi-pen that must always be in my possession).  I like to hike, camp, and just be hanging out in nature, even if its just in my backyard.  I love animals, especially dogs and horses.  I have 2 dogs, but sold my horse last Oct (one of the saddest casualties of the divorce - more on that later).  I love playing - which is definitely an added bonus of having little kids - you can romp around a playground, or dance around like an idiot and no one things oddly of you; or at least, not as much...  I love to read and write (I was an English major in college, mainly because my ego needed the boost of getting easy A's after nearly flunking out of the PT program).  I like doing crafty things, like scrapbooking.  I'm getting into yoga, and I love learning about and practicing mindfulness, meditation, and buddhist/zen theory.  I am inspired and enlightened by Eve Ensler, Brene Brown, and Pema Chodron.  I am sensitive, introspective, loving, and tender-hearted. 

Ki: short for Killian.  Recently turned 4. Ki is one of those intense, perceptive, sensitive, shy, emotional kinds of kids.  Um, yea.  He takes after his mama...  He is sweet, affectionate, and the light of my life!!

Breckin: Just turned 2.  A total ham, a total flirt.  The kid already knows how to work his beautiful blue eyes and his perfect dimple.  Women fawn over the kid - and he knows how cute and hilarious he is! Full of spunk, always with a glimer of mischief in his eyes, and advanced verbal skills for his age, this kid keeps me laughing!!  He enters life at a full gallop, head first - literally evident by the perpetual forehead bruise he had for about 6 months.

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