Thursday, June 16, 2011

No, my hands aren't full. But I AM joyful...

The title of my blog probably needs a little explanation - as its grammatically awkward, and probably a little odd - but it meant something to me, so I went with it...

Being a single mom to two young boys (and two dogs), for some reason automatically means that I get a lot of comments from passers by.  The most common: "oh! looks like you've got your hands full!"

This comment always irks me.  It always feels somehow like an implication that because I am 1 woman, outnumbered by both boy people and dogs, that somehow I need help, or am falling short.  That I'm for some reason unable to do it on my own.  BS, I tell ya.

Yes, I am outnumbered.  And yes, there are definitely moments I'm overwhelmed by the amount on my plate.  My house is usually a mess.  I have yet to get the boys to preschool without forgetting at least one thing they were supposed to bring (but give me a break - the list of what I need to bring everyday is at 27 items! More on this to come!).  I am responsible for 2 kids preschool, medical, and activity schedules. I have two jobs.  So, yes, I guess you could say my hands are full....  but it doesn't feel like that.

My life doesn't feel like a constant overwhelming mess of wishing I had more help, or an extra set of hands.  I don't feel like my hands are full! My heart is, though. I feel like my life is just bursting with the seems with joy and happiness.  I would love nothing more than to some day welcome another child into our family (although, I'd like that to come after adding a second set of adult hands to the mix, but still...). 

When I get the dreaded "looks like you have your hands full" comment, I smile politely, of course, but I also try to say something to the effect of "not really, we're doing pretty well, actually."  Because its true.  Sure, I may literally have my hands full with a kid on either hip.  But usually, that's when we're dancing and being silly.  When my heart is full.  When we are joyful.

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