Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wanderlust or Bust - living a life from the heart, outtakes and all...

A 2,000 mile road trip from Illinois to Vermont.  With 2 active little boys (aged 4 and 2!).  And 1 mama.  To go to a 4 day yoga festival?  Sure, why not?! Its WANDERLUST, people!!

I can't quite explain why my heart got settled on going to Wanderlust.  I've been practicing yoga for, oh, about a minute and admit to total beginner status.  I've never taken a vacation alone with my children since becoming a single mom last year.  I recognize that 16 hours with a toddler and a preschooler stuck in a car, in carseats, can be hell (for the kids, too...).  But despite all of the logical reasons this trip seems crazy, my heart is set and this trip feels very, very right.  And over the last two years, I've learned to listen more to my heart than my worries and fears.  When I do, goodness and joy always follow.

I first heard of Wanderlust about 4 months ago, when I was searching for a summer music festival to go to (I've been to Bonnaroo five times).  My significant other, a total yogi, suggested Wanderlust.  I jokingly responded "too much yoga, not enough music."  Fast forward a few months.  I started doing yoga again and fell in love!  I still hadn't found a summer music festival that spoke to me.  Wanderlust was again suggested, so I finally really looked into it.  And was immediately blown away.  The gorgeous mountains of Vermont, somewhere I've always wanted to visit.  Deepak Chopra speaking.  Seane Corn, John Friend, Brian Kest? Hey, even I've heard of them!!  Kid-friendly activities.  Nature, yoga, music - what could be more perfect?  My heart was hooked.

And then of course, the doubts crept in.  As a single parent already overly concerned about finances, how would we afford this?  Could I really take the boys and still manage to have a great vacation with them, but also enjoy Wanderlust for myself?  Was this a good idea?  There were moments that I thought about scraping the whole idea as crazy - but my heart persisted.  Even amidst the challenges, something still felt very "right" about this choice.

Our first strike of luck came at my off chance entering the Wanderlust or Bust contest - and thus winning the sage pass.  What an amazing blessing!  And then the rest of the details started working themselves out - my significant other would be joining us for a few days with his kids, so we could share in the help of playing with kids while the other could go to classes.  Then my mother decided to fly up for the last half to help watch the kids, and assist with the road trip back home.  My village (some who were even strangers) was helping to make my dream a reality.

So now here we are - a day out from leaving.  My car resembles a cross between a Toys R'Us and a Vending machine - with what I hope will be more than enough toys, books, crayons, magna-doodles, movies, stickers, goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, and chocolate milk to keep two little boys content for at least much of our drive.  I am looking forward to having lots of time with my sons (I always loved the family road trips of my youth) - and plan to enjoy the journey, our stops and detours along the way, rather than just the destination.   I can't wait to share in the wonder as we see the gorgeous Vermont mountains.  I am excited to introduce my sons to such a warm, loving community of interesting, soulful people - many of whom have already introduced themselves to me via Facebook and who I look forward to meeting in person.  I want to dance with my boys to the wonderful music of Andrew Bird, Michael Franti, and Krisha Das (and new artists I look forward to being introduced to).  I want to cuddle with my boys at night under the Vermont sky.  I am thrilled at the opportunity to be taught and inspired by such amazing leaders and visionaries. 

Tomorrow we leave for "Mont", as my 4 year old calls it.  And I am bursting with excitement and joy.  Safe travels to my fellow wanerlusters - see you on the mountain!


And, just to make you laugh, a few of our outtakes from the "photo shoot":

The first attempt:

Umm...  Right idea, but I kinda was hoping to show your faces...

 And then Breckin got angry and threw his sign to the ground in protest.  Trying to make the best of the situation, I decided to just lean the sign against him.  That pissed him off...  Trying to take pictures of a kid mid-meltdown isn't solving anything, so we take a break....

Happy kids, post break - but Breckin is now slap happy and would prefer to dance around then hold his sign up.

And then, Breckin just decides to run away...  Cute, but not quite what I was going for...

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  1. I can't think of many adventures we could do in our lifetime that would be a bigger blessing than what you're doing with your two lil' ones now. I can already imagine them talking about it when they're 15 and 20 years old, how it was a wonderful, delicious life-changing experience for them. Boy oh boy, would I love an adventure like that in an instant with my two boys (or really, whatever less than an instant is). Well, we'll say a little prayer that you all get here to Vermont safely & soundly, and only with more love in your hearts, and hopefully just as much air in your tires.